Wales in Weightlifting at Birmingham 2022

2022 CWG

The Commonwealth Games Federation have confirmed that seven Team Wales athletes have officially qualified for Weightlifting at Birmingham 2022.

Wales have won 45 (10 gold, 12 silver and 23 bronze) medals in Weightlifting at Commonwealth Games. Australia are the most successful team in weightlifting at commonwealth games with 59 gold, 52 silver and 48 bronze medals ahead of India (43 G, 48 S, 34 B) and England (43 G, 48 S, 25 B) medals.

Team Wales had won 01 gold and 01 bonze medal at the Gold Coast 2018.

Weightlifting at Birmingham 2022 will take place at the National Exhibition Centre in Solihull from 30th July to 3rd August 2022. A total of sixteen gold medals (eight per gender) will be on offer in weightlifting at Birmingham 2022.

38 Commonwealth Games Associations (CGA) have entered for a total of 180 quota places available for weightlifting at Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games; 90 each for men and women. Each CGA is restricted to only one entry per weight category.

Name Event Result
Hannah Powell Women’s 49 kg
Catrin Jones Women’s 55 kg
Christie-Marie Williams Women’s64 kg
Faye Pittman Women’s71 kg
Amy Salt Women’s76 kg
Michael Farmer Men’s73 kg
Jordan Sakkas Men’s109 kg
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