Desi Talent of India: Manisha Sharma

Manisha Sharma has led Hockey Rajasthan to its best ever performance at the recently concluded Senior Nationals in Rohtak. By virtue of finishing among the top two teams in B-Division, Hockey Rajasthan will now compete in the A-Division of next year’s championship.

Manisha, who specializes as a Centre Half, has had an interesting journey herself. She was pursuing athletics before Shiv Dayal Singh Bagdiya, a school PTI – identified her potential and motivated her to take hockey.

Her family wanted her to be an athlete, but Bagdiya managed to convince her father. After that she got selected for Rajasthan Women’s Hockey Academy in Ajmer. However, she left the Academy in her second year and started her own personal practice as she started feeling that she was stagnating as a player. Bagdiya, who was Manisha’s coach for three years, taught her how to hold a hockey stick, how to hit a ball and dribble.

She has been playing since 7th standard and has been captain of Hockey Rajasthan for last 5-6 years. Hockey has not only given her fame but also helped her secure a job at Chittaranjan Locomotive Works. She practices for 2-3 hours daily both in morning and evening. She has been part of India camp for last three years but wants to represent the nation.

She owes her success to all her coaches, Academy and the Federation she has been associated with. She adds that without their support she would not been what she is today. She, however, is of the opinion that level of hockey in Rajasthan will further improve if more AstroTurf could be laid.

Sports Team of India wishes Manisha Sharma all the very best.

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