• Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

Rowing – Arjun and Arvind create history


25 Jul 2021: The duo of Arvind Singh and Arjun Lal, finished third in the Repechage round of men’s Lightweight Double Sculls category, here at the Sea Forest Waterway in Tokyo Bay on Sunday.

By finishing third in a six lane race, they created history by becoming the first Indian rowing team to reach the Semifinal in Olympics. The top three crews qualified to the semifinals A / B, while the remaining crews will compete in the ranking rounds.

In Rowing, boats are propelled backwards over a distance of 2000 meters by the rowers with the help of the oars. There are two categories in rowing i.e. Sculls and Sweep. A rower use one oar in each hand in Sculling, unlike in Sweep where a single oar is used with both hands.

In the Lightweight category, the average weight of the crew must be less than or equal to 70 kilograms and no rowers must be more than 72.5 kgs.

Team India (in Lane 5), who were trailing Uzbekistan (in Lane 2) for the better part of the race, clocked a timing of (6:51.36) to finish behind Poland (6:43.44) and Spain (6:45.71). 

Repechage – 2

1  PLN 6:43.44 SA/B
2  ESP 6:45.71 SA/B
3   IND 6:51.36 SA/B
4  UZB 6:56.22 FC
5  VEN 7:01.46 FC
6 ALG 7:12.08 FC

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