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Beighton Cup – India’s oldest hockey tournament

The Beighton Cup, organised by the Bengal Hockey Association, is the one of the Oldest running Field Hockey Tournament in the World. It is the second oldest field hockey trophy in the world, the oldest being the Irish Senior Cup (which was started in 1894).

Calcutta Naval Volunteers AC won the inaugural edition, way back in 1895.

The Cup is named after T.D. Beighton (Legal Rememberancer of the Government of Bengal).

List of Past Winners and Runners-up





2016 Indian Oil Corporation 2-1 Bharat Petroleum
2015 Punjab National Bank 5-3 (Pen) Indian Oil Corporation
2014 Indian Oil Corporation 2-2 (Pen) Punjab National Bank
2013 Army XI 4-3 ONGC
2012 Indian Oil Corporation 5-2 Punjab National Bank
2011 Indian Oil Corporation 2-0  ONGC
2010 Air India Indian Oil Corporation
2009 Indian Oil Corporation 9-8 (sudden-death) South Central Railways
2008 Punjab Police – Punjab & Sind Bank (Joint Winners)
2007 Indian Airlines 1-0 Border Security Force, Jalandhar
2006 Punjab & Sind Bank 1-0 Border Security Force, Jalandhar
2005 Border Security Force, Jalandhar 1-0 Army XI
2004 Punjab & Sind Bank 4-2 (tie-breaker) Army XI
2003 Border Security Force, Jalandhar 3-0 Indian Oil Corporation
2002 Punjab Police 3-1 Central Reserve Police Force
2001 CISF, Chandigarh 1-0 Border Security Force, Jalandhar
2000 Punjab & Sind Bank Tamil Nadu XI
1999 Punjab & Sind Bank ASC, Jalandhar
1998 Border Security Force, Jalandhar Army XI, Jalandhar
1997 Punjab Police Border Security Force, Jalandhar
1996 Border Security Force, Jalandhar Tamil Nadu XI
1995 Indian Railways Indian Airlines
1994 Army XI, Jalandhar  Bengal Nagpur Railways
1993 Army XI, Jalandhar SAG, Ranchi
1992 Army XI, Jalandhar ASC, Jalandhar
1991  ASC, Jalandhar EME, Jalandhar
1990 EME Jalandhar Corps of Signal, Jalandhar
1989  ASC, Jalandhar Corps of Signal, Jalandhar
1988  IFF Co, Delhi  Southern Railways Madras
1987  B N R Rec Club 1-0  East Bengal Club
1986  MEG, Bangalore  ASC Jalandhar
1985  Indian Airlines, Delhi EME Jalandhar
1984  Mecon Sports Club, Ranchi ASC Jalandhar
1983 EME Jalandhar CRPF Neemuch
1982 EME Jalandhar Eastern Railways Sports Association
1981  IHF XI, East Zone  Mohammedan Sporting Club
1980 Western Railways Mohun Bagan AC
1979 Mohun Bagan AC – ASC, Jalandhar (Joint Winners)
1978 Mohun Bagan AC CRPF Delhi
1977 Mohun Bagan  AC Western Railways, Bombay
1976 ASC, Jalandhar CRPF Delhi
1975 Mohun Bagan AC Sikh Reg Centre, Meerut
1974 Mohun Bagan AC Sikh Reg Centre, Meerut
1973 Mohun Bagan AC – IHF, Dark Blues (Joint Winners)
1972 Border Security Force, Jalandhar Mohun Bagan AC
1971 Mohun Bagan AC – Border Security Force, Jalandhar (Joint Winners)
1970  Western Railways, Bombay  East Bengal Club
1969 Mohun Bagan AC – Corps of Signal (Joint Winners)
1968 Mohun Bagan AC Bengal Nagpur Railway
1967 East Bengal Club Bhillai Steel Plant
1966 Punjab Police Corps of Signal, Jalandhar
1965 Mohun Bagan AC – Kolkata Customs (Joint Winners)
1964 Mohun Bagan AC – East Bengal Club (Joint Winners)
1963  Central Railways, Bombay East Bengal Club
1962 East Bengal Club  Central Railways, Bombay
1961 Central Railways, Bombay Punjab Police, Jalandhar
1960 Mohun Bagan AC Indian Navy
1959 Corps of Engineers, Kirkee  Army XI, Delhi
1958 Mohun Bagan AC Corps of Engineers, Kirkee
1957 East Bengal Club  Mohammedan Sporting Club
1956 Services Mohun Bagan AC
1955 Western Railways – UP XI (Joint Winners)
1954 Tata Sports Club, Bombay  Western Railways, Bombay
1953 Tata Sports Club, Bombay Nagpur United
1952 Mohun Bagan AC Hindustan Aircraft, Bangalore
1951 Hindustan Aircraft, Bangalore  Bata Sports, Lahore
1950 Tata Sports Club, Bombay  Lusitanians Bombay
1949 Tata Sports Club, Bombay Punjab Sports Club
1948 Port Commissioners – UP Selected XI (Joint Winners)
1947 Not Held
1946 Port Commissioners Bengal Nagpur Railways
1945 Bengal Nagpur Railways Mohammedan Sporting Club
1944  Bengal Nagpur Railways Jiwaji Club Gwalior
1943  Bengal Nagpur Railways Calcutta Rangers Club
1942 Calcutta Rangers Club Bengal Nagpur Railways
1941 Bhopal Wanderers – Bhagwant Club, Tikamgarh (Joint Winners)
1940 Bhopal Wanderers Bhagwant Club, Tikamgarh
1939  Bengal Nagpur Railways Calcutta Customs AC
1938 Calcutta Customs AC Bengal Nagpur Railways
1937 Bengal Nagpur Railways Bhopal Wanderers
1936 Bombay Customs  Calcutta Customs AC
1935 Calcutta Customs AC Bengal Nagpur Railways
1934 Calcutta Rangers Club E I Railways
1933 Jhansi Heroes 1-0 Calcutta Customs AC
1932 Calcutta Customs AC Bengal Nagpur Railways
1931 Calcutta Customs AC Bengal Nagpur Railways
1930 Calcutta Customs AC Port Commissioners
1929 E I R Sports Club Calcutta Customs AC
1928 Telegraph Rec Club Calcutta Customs AC
1927 Xaverians’ Club Calcutta Customs AC
1926 Calcutta Customs AC Punjab HA
1925 Calcutta Customs AC Xaverians’ Club
1924 Calcutta FC AFC Jamalpur
1923 B Y Associations, Lucknow Calcutta Customs AC
1922 EBR Sports Club Calcutta Customs AC
1921 B E College, Sibpore Calcutta Rangers Club
1920 EIR Asanol Rec Club AFC Jamalpur
1919 Xaverians’ Club Calcutta FC
1918 B Y Associations, Lucknow  EIR Asanol Rec Club
1917  Calcutta Rangers Club Bactetors Union, Dhaka
1916 B Y Associations, Lucknow Calcutta Customs AC
1915  Calcutta Rangers Club Calcutta Customs AC
1914  MAO College, Aligarh  AFC Jamalpur
1913   Calcutta Rangers Club Information not available
1912 Calcutta Customs AC Information not available
1911 Calcutta Rangers Club Information not available
1910 Calcutta Customs AC Information not available
1909 Calcutta Customs AC Information not available
1908 Calcutta Customs AC Information not available
1907 SPG Mission, Ranchi  Information not available
1906 SPG Mission, Ranchi  Information not available
1905 B E College, Sibpore  Information not available
1904  Hornets AC  Information not available
1903  SPG Mission, Ranchi  Information not available
1902  SPG Mission, Ranchi  Information not available
1901 1st Royal Irish Rifles  Information not available
1900 St. James School  Information not available
1899  Calcutta Rangers Club  Information not available
1898 SPG Mission, Ranchi  Information not available
1897  SPG Mission, Ranchi  Information not available
1896 Calcutta Naval Volunteers AC Information not available
1895 Calcutta Naval Volunteers AC  Information not available

*Sincere thanks to Bharat Malik Sir (BHA) for his support in helping me compile this list.

Indian Oil lifts 121st All India Beighton Cup

Kolkata Dec, 27: Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) won the 121st All India Beighton Cup Hockey Tournament after Bharat Petroleum (BPCL) 5-3 in the final played at SAI Complex in Kolkata on Tuesday.

India defender Gurjinder Singh opened the scoring in the 4th minute, before S.K. Uthappa doubled the lead in the 12th minute. Another goal by Gurjinder Singh in the 22nd minute helped Indian Oil take a 3-0 lead at break.

Bharat Petroleum made a comeback of sorts in the second half as Amir Khan and Varun Kumar scored in 42nd and 44th minute, respectively. However, former India forward Deepak Thakur scored a fine field goal in the 45th minutes for Indian Oil. Another field goal by Prabhjot Singh in the 48th minute virtually sealed the match in favour of Indian Oil. Though, Harmanpreet Singh converted a penalty corner for Bharat Petroleum in the 63rd minute. In the end his goal only reduced the margin, as Indian Oil managed to hold on to their two goal lead.

This was Indian Oil’s 5th All India Beighton Cup title. Indian Oil had lost to Punjab National Bank (PNB) in the finals, last year.

Final Score:

Indian Oil – 5 (Gurjinder Singh 4’ & 22’, S.K. Uthappa 12’, Deepak Thakur 45’, Prabhjot Singh 48’) beat Bharat Petroleum – 3 (Amir Khan 42’, Varun Kumar 44’, Harmanpreet Singh 63’)

Best player of the Tournament: Kothajit Singh (Indian Oil)

Fairplay Trophy: Central Secretariat