All India Bombay Gold Cup Hockey Tournament


Edition Year Winner Score Runner-up
51st 2016 Central Railway 4-3 Punjab National Bank
50th 2015 Bharat Petroleum 6-1 Comptroller Audit General
49th 2014 Bharat Petroleum 5-5 (5-4) Indian Oil Corporation
48th 2013 Indian Oil Corporation 5-3 Air India
The tournament was not held in 2010, 2011 and 2012
47th 2009 Army XI Air India
46th 2008 Army XI Bharat Petroleum
45th 2007 Bharat Petroleum Air India
44th 2006 Army XI Bharat Petroleum
43rd 2005 Western Railway Punjab & Sind Bank
42nd 2004 Punjab & Sind Bank Western Railway
41st 2003 Indian Airlines   Indian Oil
40th 2002 Air India   Indian Airlines
39th 2001 Air India   Indian Airlines
38th 1999 Punjab Police Punjab & Sind Bank
37th 1993 RCF Kapurthala Army XI
36th 1992 BSF Jalandhar Army XI
The tournament was not held in 1990 and 1991
35th 1989 Corps of Signals Namdhari XI
34th 1988 Punjab Police Punjab & Sind Bank
33rd 1987 ASC, Jalandhar Indian Airlines
32nd 1986 Indian Airlines Mahindra & Mahindra
31st 1985 Indian Airlines   PIA (Pakistan)
30th 1984 CRPF, Neemuch   ASC, Jalandhar
29th 1983 Indian Airlines   Bihar Regt Centre
28th 1982 ASC, Jalandhar   Mahindra & Mahindra
27th 1981 BSF – Jalandhar   EME Jalandhar
26th 1980 BSF Jalandhar Signals – Jalandhar
25th 1979 Punjab Police EME Jalandhar
24th 1978 EME – Jalandhar Punjab Police
23rd 1977 ASC, Jalandhar Signals (Jalandhar)
22nd 1976 Southern Railway (Madras)   Mahindra & Mahindra
21st 1975 Western Railway   Signals (Jalandhar)
20th 1974 BSF Jalandhar   Mahindra & Mahindra
19th 1973 BSF Jalandhar   A.S.C (Meerut)
18th 1972 Indian Airlines   Services XI
17th 1971 Services XI   Indian Air Force
16th 1970 BSF Jalandhar   Mohun Bagan
15th 1969 Tata S/C & BSF Jalandhar   Joint Winners
14th 1968 BSF-Jalandhar   Indian Air Force
13th 1967 Indian Air Force (Delhi)   Mysore XI
12th 1966 Northern Railway (Delhi)   ICF (Perambur)
11th 1965 B.N.Railway (Calcutta)   MEG (Bangalore)
10th 1964 Mohun Bagan (Calcutta)   Calcutta Customs
9th 1963 Punjab Police   Madras
8th 1962 Central Railway   Punjab Police
7th 1961 MEG (Bangalore)   Presidents XI
6th 1960 Lusitanians S/C   Burmah Shell
5th 1959 Punjab Police   Central Railway
4th 1958 Punjab Hawks   Central Railway
3rd 1957 Central Railway   Punjab Hawks
2nd 1956 Afghan Club (Pakistan)   Central Railway
1st 1955 Lusitanians S/C   Bhawnagar, Nagpur